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Degree in Motorcycle Mechanics: A degree in Motorcycle Mechanics will give you the opportunity to work in a practical, yet interesting field of small engine mechanics, and is a career choice that will give you a wide range of skills. You may be able to work in a motorcycle repair shop, or use your newly acquired small engine skills to work on boat engines or even ATV's. This field is one that can have both practical applications as well as a large array of job opportunities almost anywhere you go. If you think this may be a great career path for you, use the form on the right to view the schools that can help you get your education in Motorcycle Mechanics.

If you love hands on engine repair, enjoy motorcycles and have both the problem solving skills and the mechanical aptitude for this career, you can easily find both on campus and online colleges where you can get your certification or your degree.

Motorcycle Mechanic Degree Levels Available Online

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate: 1 year to complete

  • Associate's Degree: 2 years to complete

  • Bachelor's Degree: 4 years to complete

  • Master's Degree: 1-3 years to complete

  • Doctorate Degree: 4-6 years to complete

Most of the Motorcycle Mechanics in the workforce today have received their undergraduate certification credentials as opposed to a college degree. The reason for this is that most of the certification programs are created to help you get right to work after completion of the program. The programs often take less time to complete and yet offer the greatest array of skills for the motorcycle mechanic. However, an Associate's degree will still give you many of the skills in mechanics while also helping you complete many of your basic general education requirements.

A Bachelor's degree in Motorcycle Mechanics is not exactly common, but can be a huge advantage to those who have one. A Bachelor's degree will also require you to complete your general education requirements, and yet will also allow you to acquire a broader range of knowledge in the small engine field. Some coursework may include studying about off-road engines, Harley Davidson motorcycles or even fuel or electrical systems. This well rounded course of education will truly prepare you to work in almost any environment.

A Master's degree in Motorcycle Mechanics will often fall under another title, such as Mechanical Engineering, but it will remain the same basic field. You will be expected to declare an area of specific focus, and this could include studying certain types of motorcycles, engines, fuel systems or even electrical engineering relating to motorcycles. A graduate student will be expected to complete a body of research pertaining to their area of focus, and then also complete the coursework for the Master's program. A degree at this level may help you start a career as a post-graduate teacher, a manager, a business owner or a researcher.

A Doctorate degree in Motorcycle Mechanics may be exceedingly difficult to find, simply because most universities and colleges simply don't offer this degree, but rather offer a degree in Engineering or other type of mechanics. However, since a Doctorate program also requires you to choose an area of specialty, you may be able to focus on motorcycle mechanics in your doctoral program. This type of degree will rely heavily upon research, and may provide you with credentials to work for large motorcycle corporations, as a researcher or as an instructor.

Admission Requirements

Some of the most basic admission requirements will often include the following information:

  • High school diploma or GED

  • ACT/SAT scores

  • Official transcript

  • Letter of recommendation or intent

Even these basic requirements may be somewhat different for each school, and some colleges and graduate schools may need you to also provide documentation such as your work experience, your age, a criminal background check, GRE scores and any other relevant educational documents. You can check the individual schools and degree programs to see specifically what you will need to be accepted into a degree or certification program in Motorcycle Mechanics.

Online Motorcycle Mechanics vs. Traditional College Programs

A surprisingly large number of Motorcycle Mechanics degree and certification programs are available online, simply because this is how many students prefer to acquire their education. An online degree program will allow you to work around your daytime schedule and still get an education. In addition, if you have the proper computer knowledge and computer capabilities, your education may be less expensive online and will give you broader degree options as well. However, not all students are able to learn exclusively from afar. You may be required to complete some in-person tests or courses and may have to make local arrangements.

Tuition and Accreditation

Tuition figures are difficult to calculate unless you simply look up the different online degree programs and find an average. Tuition will vary according to the length of the educational program and the degree level you are seeking, so do your research. Most undergraduate programs will cost roughly $9,000 a year, and a graduate program averages about $11,000. However, some programs can offer financial aid options to help offset the costs of your education.

Regardless of the tuition costs, the first priority should be ensuring that the school is fully accredited and from a reputable source. Without accreditation, your degree will likely not be accepted by other schools or even from an employer, so always double check before committing to a degree program.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Mechanics Degree

When trying to choose from among degree program options, you need to consider your career path and use that to determine the degree you need to seek. Compare the cost of your education against your future salary expectations and also factor in your job security, job mobility and quality of your education. You are your best investment, so whenever possible, get that higher degree. It could provide you with the job of your dreams and may pay for itself in the long run.

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