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Conflict Management Exercise

Conflict Management Exercise - Necessary Training for ManagersAs business trends grow and change it becomes necessary for managers to keep up to date with the current techniques in handling their employees and staff.  One of the most successful ways that a manager can do this is through the use of role-playing out different scenarios and then analyzing the interactions.  These types of exercises are particularly useful in learning to deal with conflicts.  Conflict management exercises allow the participants to act out a situation and then determine the sources of conflict as well as how to provide leadership through the conflict. This can be helpful in improving the communication skills of the managers as well as to assist in building their mediation skills.

There are a variety of different conflict management exercises that one may work through when attempting to improve their conflict management skills. These exercises are done through various workshops that an organization's managers can attend.  These exercises are designed to help them identify conflicts and develop ways to reach a resolution before they escalate into something larger.  Many learn much about conflict management through courses taught in various colleges and trade schools.  These can be of great benefit to the company as a whole as well as the individual person.

Most conflict is the result of a disagreement.  This can happen in a number of ways it can be through miscommunication, a difference of interests, varying values, disagreement over actions, opposite views on something or a misinterpretation of directions given by another.  These are just a few examples, but these disagreements can cause much stress in the workplace. It can also result in low morale which in turn will result in decreased productivity.  Because the effects of conflict can directly affect an organization it is vital that a manager know how to decipher the true cause of the conflict as well as how to remedy the situation.  Managers who have been through conflict management exercise programs will have the tools to accomplish this.

For managers, who have had training in conflict management or just know a select number of conflict management exercises, it is easier for them to understand what might have triggered the problem.  They also have the tools to watch and observe the participants in the disagreement and perhaps find where the parties are not listening or hearing each other. They can further help them in coming up with unique ways to solve the problem. This can be of great benefit to the parties involved and to the organization they work for.

There are many reasons for conflict in today's competitive job market. Many persons are trying to prove their worth to the company they work for and this can lead to conflicts with other employees trying to achieve the same goals.  For those managers who have had training, they can employ the techniques learned through their conflict management exercises to help in assisting employees to work together and towards the common goal of improving the company they work for.  This can be of great benefit not only to the company they work for, but it may also be helpful to the employees as well.

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