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Education Administration Definition - A Career OverviewThe education administration definition is a person who works to ensure the highest level of academic achievement and standards within their school or organization. This individual also works to develop and execute the best and most beneficial programs and courses for students while also overseeing the operation of the educational organization. Education administrators have a wide range of daily job responsibilities that might include managing teachers and faculty, developing and leading training programs, preparing annual budgets, allocating funds appropriately, counseling current and prospective students on career advice and their future goals, meeting with students and their families to discuss concerns, following student achievement patterns, overseeing curriculum and lesson plans and making improvements and changes as needed.

The education and training required to become an education administrator will vary greatly depending on the specific job position and school. In many circumstances, these individuals will begin their career as a teacher with a bachelor's degree but gain experience and complete additional education to become an administrator. Many times this position will require a masters or doctoral degree in addition to relevant coursework relating to the specific school they choose to work within. For example, a preschool administrator will usually need to receive a credential such as the Child Development Associate, or CDA. A principal that hopes to work at a public school must receive a school administration license that requires additional examinations, training and possibly further education. These regulations vary by state.

Individuals considering a career in education administration should have strong communication skills, both verbal and written. They should also enjoy working with others in a group setting because many aspects of this career choice involve collaborating with other faculty, staff members, students, parents and school district representatives.

The job growth for the field of education administration is expected to rise by 12% through the year 2016. This is a direct result of increased enrollment numbers, the importance of education and the retirement of current administrators. Many individuals that are currently teachers are not interested in advancing their careers to administrator positions due to the high stress and other challenges associated with these positions. The job outlook will be dependent on the specific location of the school, with the highest level of growth expected in the western and southern areas of the country. Schools in lower paying rural and urban areas will also see an increased growth level.

The average salary for a college education administration position was about $73,000 in 2006. At the university level, a chief academic officer averaged about $140,000, an academic dean averaged about $135,000, a chief development officer averaged about $125,000, a dean of students averaged about $80,000 and a director of financial aid averaged about $66,000.  At the elementary, middle school or high school level the average salary was approximately $77,000. Specifically, high school principals averaged about $92,000, middle school principals averaged about $88,000 and elementary school principles averaged approximately $82,000. Finally, preschool and childcare administrators earned an average of about $37,000.

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