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Education Administration versus Management

Education Administration versus Management - Differences and SimilaritiesIn all companies, there are distinct differences but also similarities between management and administration. The education administration versus management debate is something that compares the major differences between the two career paths. The biggest difference is that management executes the policies and procedures that are put in the place individuals in administration. In other words, management individuals can make decisions within the framework and plans that are set up by the staff in administration.

Another point in the education administration versus management debate is that administration is the highest level of authority while management is a middle level position. An administrator is an executive position while a manager uses special skills or talents to meet the objectives of the school that the administration sets. Administrators play a key role in planning and organizing the school while managers motivate and control other functions in the educational environment, such as directly overseeing other employees. Usually, administrators handle the business aspects of the school, such as finance or other executive areas, while management is a subset of this department.

There are also some similarities that can be discussed in the education administration versus management debate. Both of these career types work in the upper level of the school and have decision making authority. First and most importantly, both should have strong leadership qualities. These individuals must be able to delegate tasks and feel comfortable giving direction to other individuals. They should also have strong communication and customer service skills along with a knowledge of conflict resolution. They should also be self motivated, be a team player, be dependable, have integrity and enjoy working closely with others.

In schools, an education administration versus management discussion would include jobs in a variety of different school environments, including colleges, universities, high school, middle school, elementary school, preschool and even day care centers. Education management jobs may include positions within the business department of the school, such as human resources manager, food and beverage manager, accounting manager and marketing manager. The type and variety of management positions within the school will vary significantly based on a number of criteria, including the type of educational facility, whether it is a public, private or parochial school, how many students are enrolled, the location of the school and other similar factors. Careers in education administration will also vary based on the type of school. At the college or university level, they can be department chairpersons, deans of students, admission directors and financial aid directors, to name a few. At the high school, middle school and elementary school level, they are usually principles and vice principals. Finally, in early childhood education, they can be preschool directors.

There are various differences and similarities to discuss in the education administration versus management debate. An employee in a manager position executes the policies and procedures that the administration decides. Management is a subset of administration and carries out their job responsibilities based on the direction of the administrators within the school. However, both types of positions have decision making authority and require strong leadership qualities.

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