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Sports Management Salary

Sports Management Salary - Get Paid What You Are WorthIf you have a degree or are looking to receive a degree in sports management, it is important to know what types of jobs create the best sports management salary benefits.  Of course, like anyone, if you take the time and money to attend school to get your degree, you want to be in a position that will make you the most money possible. Once you graduate, there are a wide variety of jobs available and there is a large amount of them too.  Do not just jump into a job, with so many on the market and so few people with sports management degrees the salaries are competitive and benefits are endless.  

To begin, it is good to look at what types of occupations in sports management are out there.  Jobs in sports management can range in anything from a coach of a sports team to a public relations director to and athletic director.  Depending on the type of job you chose and are qualified for will depend on the sports management salary you will most likely receive.  Your salary will also be determined by your degree level.  Therefore, there is quite a difference in levels of pay that people who graduate with a sports management degree.  The average salary is around $50,000 a year.  The top of the range is about $600,000.  

As you can see, there is a big difference in salaries that a person can receive when they have a position in sports management.   If you receive a job as a manager of a small sports event company you will make drastically less than if you are the sports director for a professional team.  Overall, what your position is and how big the organization you work for is will determine your salary in many ways.  Also, keep mind that professional teams and division I universities will more than like pay better than a minor league team.  

Let's take a look at the sports management salary of various positions within the industry.  Some of the more popular jobs within the industry are those of coaching positions and directors.  Therefore a head coach of major sports within a division I university will make around $66,000 a year.  On the other hand a minor sport within the same university will more than likely make around $50,000 a year.  However, athletic director for the entire school will make around $100,000.  But, keep in mind you do not have to be the coach to make good money.  A ticket manager will normally make around $47,000 a year.  

No matter what you are looking to do within the sports management industry, keep in mind that having a degree and experience will always get you farther.  Also, remember that there is always room for moving up and making more money.  The sports management salary is not limited to the person it is limited to job.  If you are unhappy with your salary, get a different job within an organization that will pay you better.

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